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Z12's List To String - The easiest way to convert a list of items into a string. Great for converting a list of items in to a bracketed, quoted, comma separated string ideal for a SQL IN statement or Microsoft Excel.

Souce List
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Destination String
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How To Use A12's String To List

Paste your string to the Source String box, 1 long line, no carriage returns or line feeds.
Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5, Item 6
Select your options.
Click Process String. Ta-Da!
Item 1
  Item 2
  Item 3
  Item 4
  Item 5
  Item 6

Delimiter - The character that is delimiting your string. Maximum 10 characters.
Select ALL - Selects or deselects ALL options.
Trim - Trims spaces from the start and end of each item.
Distinct - Remove duplicate items.
Remove Blanks - Removes blank lines from the Processed List.
Sort - Sorts the items.

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